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Moments of Scripture with Jan Coleman

Moments of Scripture with Jan Coleman

We are called to be a light to draw people to 
Christ Jesus and His Church.  This task is accomplished through the tools of music, prayer, worship, 
and the reading of His Word.

We are called to encourage God's people
to stir up "His" gifts that He has deposited in each of us.
We should take every opportunity to use the
media, recordings, concerts and gatherings
to do so....

We are an inter-denominational Christian Ministry
to help unite the church-at-large
and to promote unification of the entire
Body of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit,
to re-produce love and life within and among
His people...

Obedience to His leading is our Mission!

To God be all the Glory!

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About Jan Coleman

Jan's journey with the Lord began as a child, baptized at 6 years of age in the Baptist Church.  As an adult at the age of 39, God began to draw her into an intimate, committed, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In the midst of a life of materialism and society, seeking the ways of this world, the Lord in His mercy and grace surrounded her with harvesters and intercessors who loved her into His Kingdom.  She began to hunger after righteousness, prayer, and the Word.  Jan began a life of daily repentance and found Jesus as Savior, Lord, and King.  Entering 16 years of study with Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, including Prophets and Apostles, she began to realize the importance of each in the body of Christ for personal training.  Jan received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

God birthed the ministry, Beloved Bright and Morning Star, simply to be a light to draw people to Christ Jesus and His Church and to go into the highways and byways to gather intercessors to specifically praise and  pray for our President, official leaders, Pastors, and Churches and those involved in Beloved Bright and Morning Star Ministry and watch Him answer and do miracles.

Jan opened her home to Praise and Prayer Gatherings on Friday evenings, had a Sunday evening House Church, was ordained as a Protestant minister by Reverend Lee Sullivan and his wife Chris of Dallas, Texas and was commissioned by Pastor Kerry Kirkwood of Trinity Fellowship Church in Tyler, Texas and by Bro. Lee Sullivan and Chris Sullivan of Dallas, Texas, and is commissioned by and affiliated with Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International in Irving, Texas. Jan is also affiliated with The Federation of Ministers and Churches International (FMCI) founded by Jim Hodges in Duncanville, Texas. Jan was a member of The Wisdom Center and studied with Mike Murdock for 10 years.

The journey of life carried Jan into the Roman Catholic Church.  She was a musician serving at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Whitehouse, Texas under Rev. Fr. Dan Daughterty, for 7 years.  The personal call has been that of a bridge between denominations, working with all faiths.


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