You can lift a family out of poverty this Christmas!

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7:00PM - 8:00PM

The Narrow Path with Steve Gregg

The Narrow Path Radio Broadcast is a live, call-in bible questions and answer program.
8:30PM - 8:45PM

World Missionary Evangelism with Daniel Moore, President

For over sixty years World Missionary Evangelism has Ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of thousands across the globe. Join Pastor Daniel Moore Monday through Friday and learn how you can touch the life of a child, family, or Church body in impoverished areas.
9:00PM - 9:15PM

Pursuing God with Donna Baptiste


Through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, Donna Baptiste Ministries will seek to restore the spiritually lost to God through Christ, restore the Church, the followers of Jesus Christ, to holy and righteous living, and minister to spiritually wounded ministers and restore them back into ministry.
9:15PM - 9:30PM

Matters of the Kingdom with Pastor Yvonne C. Rankine
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While we await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to take us home to heaven, He freely offers us abundant life at this present time. Matters of the Kingdom and Pastor Rankine’s teaching encourages us to partake of this blessing now and understand how our godly heritage is available to every person who surrenders their life to Jesus. Change your situation today and claim your heritage in Christ!”


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