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Pastor Ernie Sanders



Radio Pastor Ernie Sanders' Scripture & Liberty Program "What's Right What's Left" airs weeknight's on WMCA – The Mission from 10:00pm – Midnight.

Pastor Sanders' strident, On-Air Advocacy for Christianity, Liberty & Decency has made him a Radio Folk Hero in the Upper Mid-West - where his show proved an important information source about the extraordinary venality & criminality of the Democratic Party for voters in the pivotal States of Michigan, Ohio & Pennsylvania during the 2016 General Election.

Following the November 8th Election, Listeners from these States and those from California, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky & even Canada called to congratulate Pastor about his key role in the victory.

Pastor Sanders' broadcast was instrumental in ending the bloodshed when overreaching Federal Agents ambushed Randy Weaver & his family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

His Radio Ministry has saved more than 24,000 babies from death by abortion. In fact, Pastor's leadership led to the creation of the "Heartbeat Bill" in Ohio - now championed nationally by US Representative Steve King of Iowa.

Appealing directly to Listeners for support, Pastor Sanders has successfully spread the Light of Christianity & American Liberty, for now, forty-five (45) years running.



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