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Travel Tip - Do's & Don'ts of Mexican Travel

The news can be a scary thing, can’t it? It can especially be frightening if you’ve got an upcoming trip to Mexico planned. Well, I want to ease your fears. Traveling to our Southern neighbor has some risks but there are ways to mitigate those risks if you know what you’re doing. 

That’s why I’ve compiled some dos and don’ts for traveling to Mexico!


Book travel through a cruise line to a coastal Mexican town resort. Mexican cruises are some of the most luxuriant, affordable, and safe ways to enjoy the gorgeous scenery Mexico has to offer. There is nothing like pulling into Puerto Vallarta and being taken directly to your beach resort. You’ll be whisked from one lap of luxury to the next and you’ll never feel the pressure of the outside world coming down hard on your visit. 

But that doesn’t mean the uninitiated traveler can’t muck up even this well-thought-out plan. 


Stray off the path more traveled. I think even Robert Frost would agree to this one. Look, if you’re in Vermont or say, Paris, France, sure! Do some exploring. Have at it. But when you’re in Mexico it may not be the best idea to leave the safety of your resort to “experience the local flavor”. I hate to tell anyone to not be adventurous but the last thing you want is to be part of the headline on the evening news. If you’re American - and trust me you look American - then do the smart thing. 


Travel to Mexico for good deals at local markets. Hey, I’m all about saving a buck, believe me. There is no place cheaper to find great deals on all sorts of things than Mexico. Especially if you like a good old fashioned “haggle”. I tell you there’s no better thrill than talking a person down from fifty to twenty then handing them a hundred dollar bill so they can break it for you. Now that’s the “art of the deal”, if you ask me! However, something need not be purchased in Mexico. 


Travel to Mexico for medical tourism. People, people, listen! I get it. Healthcare in the states is expensive. But please, whatever you do, be safe if you feel you need to go south of the border for medical care. We’ve all seen the recent case where two of four folks didn’t make it back because they were mistaken for rival gang members by a Mexican Cartel. That’s no bueno folks! Don’t be the person who lost their life because they wanted a cheap tummy tuck. Know what I mean?


Fly into a major airport. There is one surefire way to not have to deal with the cartels when going to Mexico and that is, flying into a major airport. You’re literally hopping, skipping, and jumping over their territory to get to the safety of a Mexican metropolis. Now, I still prefer the cruise route because… hello? It’s a cruise and the cruise life is the best life. But if I must do it any other way, you can bet I’m arriving by plane to a well established port of entry. 


Drive over the border. Look, there was a time when this was fun. Sadly, that time has passed. The cartels are in a bit of a scuffle with the authorities and one another lately and their territories are under dispute near the border. Steer clear, my friends. There’s no sense getting caught in the middle of an unsavory situation. I’m not saying this sort of travel won’t come back. Hopefully it will! But for now, fly or cruise in. Period.

Look, it all comes down to common sense. Stay informed. Ask around online. There are plenty of ways to stay safe but these are the basic no brainer.

If you’ve got any helpful hints yourself let us know in the comment section! Until then, I’ll see you in line at Security. 



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