Pressley's Inspirations

“Pressley’s Inspirations” seeks to revive the influence of the Church in each of our lives to uplift our communities by focusing on the Churches themselves, their programs and activities, along with the leaders and other dynamic people who worship within their walls! This year, Pressley’s Inspirations celebrates its fifth season on WMCA featuring PASTOR CHARLES E. SLADE III and the Mount Tabor Baptist Church at 115 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11238, along with other distinguished guests during this series titled, “THE RESCUE: A SEASON OF RECOVERY.” Join us to be healed, enlightened, and give PRAISE!

About Melissa Pressley

Melissa Pressley, a practicing attorney and founding member of Pressley, PLLC law office, shares her deep love for GOD and CHRIST’S Church, with interviews of dedicated ministers and other amazing believers, along with the sharing of The Word of God and other information that inspire our faith.

Melissa Pressley has possessed a lifelong dedication to community/public service and has received awards and other recognition throughout her lifetime for her volunteer work. Her legal practice has primarily focused on civil rights, employment discrimination, personal injury, guardianships, insurance defense, and federal and state litigation. She is an award-winning cook and a soprano choir member.


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