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Heritage of Faith

Heritage of Faith

The Heritage of Faith Conversations radio program is a live Bible study and roundtable discussion, hosted by Pastor Matthew Recker. Listeners are encouraged to call in for prayer, to ask questions, and to even to join the discussion live on the air. The current series is a study of the foundational importance and truth of Genesis chapters 1-11.

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About Pastor Matthew Recker

Pastor Matthew Recker has served full-time as a Pastor in New York City, since 1984. After planting his first church in Brooklyn and his second church in Queens, he founded Heritage Baptist Church in Manhattan, in 1996. More than 25 years later, Pastor Matt continues to serve as lead Pastor. Matt has an undergraduate degree and graduate degree from Bob Jones University, and an honorary doctorate degree from Ambassador Baptist College. He is the author of two books, Behold the City and Living on the Edge of Eternity, various articles and Gospel tracts. He and his wife Debbie have three grown children.


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