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Balance of Nature

Today, our mission has grown beyond providing a way for the average person to eat healthier. Our goal at Balance of Nature is to educate the world through Health Coaching. More people need to understand the benefits of healthy living and the pitfalls of being over medicated (which includes the overuse of daily isolated vitamins). You can count on the fact that our products and any products we recommend will be made with real food and not contain ingredients synthesized or extracted in a lab. We encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and not to compromise or accept the decreasing standards in the current nutrition industry. Our health coaches will guide you to a healthier lifestyle and encourage you to Get Real, with Real Food, Real Science, and Real Nutrition.

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About Dr. Douglas Howard

 Dr. Douglas Howard is an American physician, medical researcher, and international lecturer. He specializes in phytonutrition and its application in daily living. Since his youth, Dr. Howard has been driven with a passion to save and improve lives. -


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