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180 CAST - Ep 26 - Passionate Creationist Flips to Evolution

Kevin McCullough Radio - 9/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

Former dedicated creationist blogger David MacMillan now writes against the very arguments he used to make. What led someone so deeply committed to young earth creationism to embrace evolution as the story of how the world came to be? And how did it reshape his Christian faith? David's perspective is featured in the upcoming documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs, which will release on iTunes November 15 with a broader release on streaming platforms in the spring. He holds a degree in Physics and writes for and BioLogos. I want to hear YOUR thoughts on the episode! Leave a text or voicemail on the Flip Phone at 323.999.1802. Tag the podcast with your take on Twitter @180cast. Hear the "opposite 180" from Dr. Grady McMurtry in Episode 16: The Evolution Revolution of a PhD Mensa Member. #creationism #youngearth #creationscience #evolutiondebate #oldearth #evolution #proofofevolution #deepspace #answersingenesis #creationministriesinternational #kenham #ageoftheearth #carbondating #rockdating #homeschool #Christianity #sixdaycreationism #daysofcreation #biblicalliteralism

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