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The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice

The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice

About The Bible Study Hour

The Bible Study Hour offers careful, in-depth Bible study, preparing you to think and act biblically. Dr. James Boice's expository style opens the scriptures and shows how all of God's Word points to Christ. Dr. Boice brings the Bible's truth to bear on all of life. The program helps listeners understand the truth of God's Word in life-changing, mind-renewing ways.The Bible Study Hour is a ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

The Alliance exists to call the twenty-first century church to a modern reformation that recovers clarity and conviction about the great evangelical truths of the Gospel and that then seeks to proclaim these truths powerfully in our contemporary context.

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A Great Man's Great Testimony
Sin is all consuming, destructive and condemning, but there’s great news! We serve a forgiving and loving God who covers every transgression, no matter the size or scope of our sin. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice will take us through Psalm 32 and remind us that when we turn to God, He will forgive us, and lead us on the path of righteousness.

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God's Good, Pleasing and Perfect Will (mp3 Download)

“Christianity has been the most powerful, transforming force in human history,” says James Boice, “and the book of Romans is the most basic, most comprehensive statement of true Christianity.” This message by James Boice is based on Romans 12:2.


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