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A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

About A New Beginning

Is the end of the world near? What will happen after I die? What is the meaning of my life? You've got questions; Greg Laurie has biblical answers on A New Beginning.

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God's Call...Man's Excuses
What kind of influence do you have on your “circle of influence”? Does your influence rub off on others, or does their influence rub off on you? Friday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie continues his study of the life of Moses with an important look at putting our faith on display. Tune in for . . .

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Jeremy and Melissa were young, talented, and facing a crushing diagnosis. They thought if they fought the cancer and prayed hard, God would spare Melissa’s life. But that’s not what happened. Watch their touching story of faith in I Still Believe. We will mail it to you in thanks for a gift of any amount to the life-transforming work God is doing through Harvest Ministries.  


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