Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit - Alternative View - July 22

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5   

Today when we hear that someone is "blessed," we often think of a comfortable lifestyle, good health and a successful job.  But Jesus said that those who are "poor in spirit" are blessed.  The New Testament word for poor means a beggar who is totally dependent upon another for survival.  Therefore, to be "poor in spirit" is to be totally dependent upon another for spiritual well-being.

If we turn this around, we realize that the cursed are those who are rich in self-sufficiency.  When we can take care of ourselves and control our situations, we're living in a different kingdom.

When God puts you in a situation that you have no power to fix, He's doing you a favor because He's making a way for His Kingdom to come in.  If you find yourself in this place, you'll know you're poor in spirit as thanksgiving replaces your complaining.

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