Marriage Small Group

A Small Group Focused on Enriching and Strengthening Marriage in Accordance with God‘s Design Discussion Topic: “Glorify God Together...Marriage of Purpose” Marriage gives us the opportunity to glorify God with one heart and voice. Our main purpose in marriage should be greater than fulfilling our own wants and needs or even the wants and needs of our spouse. Our main purpose in marriage should be to focus on being of the same mind, according to Jesus, so that with one heart and one voice we glorify God. So how can our marriage be in one accord, so that with one heart and voice we glorify God? In this session, we will explore these questions: Why did God give us the institution of marriage? What is the purpose of marriage? How can our marriage bring glory to God? How can the marriage relationship help make us holy? Session discussion points: •The marriage relationship teaches us to have authentic and intimate fellowship and a strong sense of community with all believers •God uses the marriage relationship to make us more like Christ •God uses the marriage relationship to train us to honor and serve others above ourselves •Marriage may give us a partner to help spread the gospel of Christ Invest in your marriage, put in the work to have and maintain a thriving marriage! Questions: 718-757-0954 The Marriage Small Group is an interactive small group for married couples who want to enrich and strengthen their marriage. Each meeting and discussion focuses on real-life topics, practical application and biblical truth, all designed to help couples have and maintain thriving marriages.


The Temple of Restoration
490 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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