Marriage Small Group

A Small Group Focused on Enriching and Strengthening Marriage in Accordance with God‘s Design Discussion Topic: “Getting Through the Rough Spots” Marriage is serious business and a promise worth keeping. The truth is that marriage won’t always be easy. We won’t get it perfectly right and we may often fail in our efforts. All marriages go through a phase when we see only the positive traits in our spouse. Then with new discoveries, our spouses start to lose their angelic glow. Eventually we find ourselves wondering who this person is and what they did with our spouse. Marriage has rough spots; knowing how to navigate them is essential to maintaining a healthy and thriving marriage. So the question is not whether there will be rough spots, but what we should do when we hit them. Session discussion points: •Look at difficulties in a new light •Optimize your spouse’s strengths •Openly confess your shortcomings •Keep your eyes on the finish line The Marriage Small Group is an interactive small group for married couples who want to enrich and strengthen their marriage. Each meeting and discussion focuses on real-life topics, practical application and biblical truth, all designed to help couples have and maintain thriving marriages.


The Temple of Restorationi
490 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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