10 Ways Trusting God Changes Your Life

The situations we go through we will be tempted to lean towards what we think is best or what we think we know but this verse always reminds me to trust my Shepherd to guide me through difficult decisions and seasons in life.

5 Things All Women Can Learn from Abigail in the Bible

Abigail’s life was a powerful reflection of this very truth. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and defeat over her circumstance, she acted courageously and used great wisdom when faced with a threatening scenario. What can we learn from Abigail’s story all these years later? More than you might think:

7 Ways to Biblically Empower Other Women

When we understand and acknowledge the true source of empowerment, we can strengthen and empower others far more effectively than training courses and positive affirmation. We can also lead them to a well of power that is constantly available to draw from themselves.


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