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10 Ways to Encourage Your Teen's Prayer Life

Just like our relationship with our young adults can’t function without communication, the same is true for our relationship with God. Without prayer, we’re only gaining knowledge and not truly communicating. As parents, we must not only pray for our teenagers, but teach them how to pray as well.

10 Practical Ways to Help Your Children Have Sexual Integrity

In this day and age, in the sex-craved society we live in, I would challenge you to add sexual integrity to your list of wants for your children. This, whether your children know the Lord or not, is far more important than good grades and financial success.

10 Legacies Fathers Can—and Should—Pass Down to Their Sons

We will all leave a legacy, good or bad. Unfortunately, by the time the legacy is written, we no longer have the power to make any edits to the storyline. Now is the time to take inventory of the legacy we are writing for our children. What will they remember about us? What are we teaching them today that will make an impact on them tomorrow? Here are 10 legacies I believe fathers can—and should—pass on to their sons.

9 Things Adult Daughters Want Their Moms to Know

When my daughter, Anna, was a senior in college, I asked her to make me a list of things a mother needs to know about her adult daughter. She and her friends crowded around a lunch table, and with notebook pad in hand, Anna scribbled down their replies. Here is what they had to say.

3 Ways to Ignite Your Teen's Passion for God

If you’re investing in the lives of young people, you’ve probably experienced the paralysis of apathy. It’s difficult to teach the truth about God and Christianity to young people when they aren’t really listening. Here are three things I learned that helped me ignite a passion in my students and kids.

7 Things to Do If Your Teen Hates Church

As parents, we’re eager for our children to experience the priceless gift of church for themselves. We feel grief and frustration when our teens resist attending services as a family. Here are seven ways to help teens break down their barriers to the church.

3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Off Their Screens

Including them doesn’t mean you’re lessening your authority, but you are teaching them self-discipline and determination. Teaching them the value of face-to-face conversations, respect by uninterrupted socialization, and good old-fashioned reading is never a bad thing, but including your child in that process of creating boundaries is even better.


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