10 Ways Your Clothes Reveal Your Heart at Church

It’s easy to quickly judge generations and choices, but it’s not our duty. The one thing we can be certain about time is that it’s fleeting, and our time to love on people in the name of Jesus is limited.

10 Ways to Murder Your Marriage

The “weapons” that kill off marriages vary, but if we surrender to God’s wisdom and obey His Word, our marriages don’t have to die.

How These 10 Proverbs Help in Every Day Life

If you’ve experienced a disconnection of what a proverb is saying and how to walk it out in a practical way, you’re not alone. Here are 10 proverbs you are probably familiar with, and what they mean for us today.

9 Ways to Make Your Marriage Extraordinary

We know that God’s creation of man and woman to be together in marriage is sacred. It takes a lot of work to have a successful marriage, and you can’t have an extraordinary marriage without the contribution and commitment of both husband and wife.

10 Things to Stop Taking for Granted after the Pandemic

Will you forget the lessons learned during this pandemic? Will you go right back to complaining about the heat of the sun and forget about the torrents of rain that just ended? Or will you have a heart that’s permanently grateful, focused on thanksgiving, and ever counting your blessings?

3 Beautiful Results of Jesus' Resurrection

These facts help us face our daily lives with greater hope—and the help of our Lord. When the world seems out of control, family drama threatens to overwhelm us, or our finances unravel, we can trust His unchanging, unfailing love and provision.


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