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7 Better Ways for Handling Frustration in Marriage

Let’s begin to focus on the behavior that frustrated us rather than attack the person. We can do this by asking for compassion from the Lord for our spouse before we speak to them. We do this by asking the Lord to help us see our spouse the way He sees them.

5 Intentional Questions to Regularly Ask Your Spouse

There is nothing wrong with watching Netflix and relaxing as a way to connect with your spouse, but we mustn't let that be all we choose to do together. Intentional, deep, and purposeful conversations with our partners help to keep our marriages strong and well connected. I find having questions that help start these conversations is helpful to provoke us past the conversation focused only on the details of the day and considering the bigger picture of our lives together.One of my biggest fears is waking up twenty years from now beside my husband and feeling like I don't know him! That is a bit of a dramatic fear, but it's pretty easy to slip into a place of marriage complacency that doesn't take time to look past what we see on the surface with each other. The easiest way the Devil can steal from our marriages often does not look like dramatic breaks of trust or infidelity - it's actually just letting life consume us to the point that we slowly are strangers living in the same home.The way to avoid the slow fade out of love is intentionality! It's being present with each other regularly and having fun together whenever possible. It looks like staying on the same page regarding the big things and the little things. It's cheering each other on and being there to encourage each other when we are stuck in a rut. It's work, but it's worth it.Here are just a few questions to help you stay connected with your spouse:Photo credit: ©Unsplash/David Nunez

What Does Spiritual Leadership in Marriage Look Like?

A godly man knows he is accountable for his wife and kids when he gets to heaven. He is responsible for teaching them, guiding them, making wise decisions, serving them, and loving them well. He is to protect them at all costs.

3 Ways to Love Your Wife through a Miscarriage

One person is sucked under the current of loss while the other rides the top of the wave for the moment, and you must learn to rejoice together when one partner holds onto to God’s joy, grace, and strength and have mercy, patience, and compassion while the other gasps for air under the waves of grief.

5 Simple Habits for a Happy Marriage

You have eighteen years with your children, and then they grow up to have their own lives. But when you got married, you vowed to be with your spouse "till death do you part." You'll be with your spouse much longer than you'll have your children in your home. Set a good example of what a healthy marriage will look like by putting each other's opinions first, even if there are moments when you don't agree with your parenting strategy or the other's perspective on life.

40 Romantic Fall Dates

The fall is here (well, almost), which means cuddling up and getting cozy with the ones you love! This is also your reminder to pack in some fun dates with your precious spouse and spark those flames of romance. Did you know it’s actually proven that dates with your significant other improve the life of your marriage?

5 Steps to Resolving Marital Conflict

Though every marriage experiences conflict, our disagreements and irritations tend to increase during times of stress and uncertainty. Not only do we feel the strain of our circumstances, such as financial or health concerns, or perhaps even job loss, but all those external pressures exacerbate any relational cracks already formed and perhaps ignored. But that’s one reason difficult situations provide such hope. They can alert us to problems we might not have seen otherwise.Every conflict, when handled well, paves the way for increased relational health and intimacy.Here are 5 steps toward resolving conflict in a way that will strengthen our marriages and deepen our trust.
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How to Help Your Spouse Grieve

In our 23 years of marriage, my husband and I have had many opportunities to celebrate. We’ve also had many opportunities to walk with one another through grief.We’ve grieved over the death of loved ones, the loss of jobs, unwanted medical diagnoses, the effects of our own sin, and the effects of others' sin. The list could keep going.Helping your spouse grieve is a privilege because it’s an opportunity to love, support, comfort, and rely on the Lord in a very specific way.But I would also say, helping your spouse grieve is a burden of love, because grief is hard, it’s exhausting, it takes time, and can change a person forever. I personally haven’t always grieved well or in a way that glorified my Heavenly Father, but lessons have been learned and I hope I can share a bit of that insight with you.Here are 10 ways to help your spouse grieve.Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Motortion

3 Things Every Wife Is Called To

Ladies, we need to recognize the power we hold in helping create our husbands to be Godly men. Where God equips our men with outer strength, God equips us with an inner strength that shows poise, integrity, and diligence, among many other beautiful qualities.

6 Ways to Pray While Going Through Infertility

Do you sometimes find it hard to be honest with God regarding the fertility problems you face? I know that I do at times. Perhaps sometimes it just feels easier to give God my best spiritual performance by telling him what I think he wants to hear instead. Perhaps a part of me still thinks my healing is based on my goodness or how well I weather the challenge.

10 Ways to Recapture Your Husband’s Heart

I’ll never forget the day I was cleaning through my top dresser drawer and found a treasure.I almost threw out the stack of aged, yellowed papers, weathered by time and slightly torn on the edges. When I unfolded the papers and read through them, I instantly realized why I’d kept them all those years. They were love letters from my husband written nearly 30 years ago, and they contained phrases such as “I love you beyond expression” and “You complete me like no other.”As I read those words, my eyes teared up. And then my heart dropped. I haven’t had a letter like this from him in years.How I would have liked to believe that I hadn’t changed a bit through the years and that he was the one who grew distant and less interested over time. I felt convicted, though, to put that magnifying glass up to myself and ask if I was still the same woman to whom he wrote those letters. Suddenly I wished I could turn back the clock and have that man I married see me the way he once did – as the captivating woman he fell in love with. And then I realized if that was to happen I had to become the woman I once was – as a young bride – and treat him like I once did.I went to a portion of Scripture that describes young, exciting love and from the “Shulamite bride” in Song of Songs, discovered ten ways that I could act like a new bride again and recapture my husband’s heart. And you know what happened? As I started talking to him and treating him the way I once did, it wasn’t long before he became the man I once married.See if these ten ways to recapture his heart don’t transform your marriage, too.
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5 "Togetherness" Activities to Strengthen Your Marriage

Do you remember what it was like to really enjoy one another’s company? Chances are when you and your spouse fell in love, you did everything together, couldn’t stand to be apart, and your fun times outweighed the stressful times.Yet it’s only a matter of time before reality sets in and the familiar replaces the fun, the routine replaces spontaneity, and your financial or vocational concerns replace your ability to throw caution to the wind and enjoy being together.For years, my husband and I were two people who, in some ways, walked alone in our marriage. We never intended for it to be that way. We lived in the same house, shared the same bank account, slept in the same bed, spent nearly every Friday of our married life together on a “date day.” We even raised a daughter, although I wouldn’t necessarily say we were good at raising her “together.” He did his part. I did mine. And that’s the way it was.Both of us had no idea how to give up our own ambitions, expectations, and conveniences in order to really walk together. But once we started incorporating some really simple activities that we wish we’d done years ago, it profoundly affected our marriage. Here are five activities that will strengthen your marriage and sense of togetherness:
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