6 Sneaky Ways Shame Can Undermine Your Marriage

How can we spot shame’s effects and change the tide of our hearts to be able to truly accept the forgiveness we have access to? Here are 6 ways shame sneaks into our relationships and undermines our ability to truly move forward as a couple.

Are You with Someone Who Knows How to Pursue You?

It’s easy when you’re dating someone to get caught up in the emotions of the relationship. It’s new, exciting, and usually full of hope. So, it can be quite difficult to bring your head back down from the clouds and look realistically at the relationship.

10 Fight Tips That Actually Help Marriages Thrive

Couples can fight their way into a divorce court, or they can fight their way to a better marriage. By following some clear, biblical guidelines, we can fight in such a way that builds, rather than destroys, our marriage.

Why Isn't Your Spouse Listening to You?

You can’t make him listen to you. He can’t make you listen to him. We can only put ourselves in an emotional and spiritual space where someone might want to listen to us and connect to us.

10 Old-School Acts of Love That Will Surprise Your Spouse

Old-school acts of love may seem outdated to some but for many, they are a welcoming and refreshing real-life experience in a distant, electronic world. Here are 10 ideas to choose from or to help spark ideas in how to surprise your spouse with an old-school act of love.


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