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Sarah Hamaker Give Us 7 Key Ways We Can Draw People Towards Church

How can we draw people towards church, rather than drive them away? Sarah Hamaker gives us seven great ways to draw people towards church, as well as 3 things NOT to do.

First, here are three things that absolutely ensure they will not come to church with you:

1. Nagging Them

2. Frighten Them with Hell

3. Trick Them

Here are seven ways to draw people to church that are gospel-affirming and that people will respond to:

1. Invite them. It sounds so simple, but we really need to invite people to church!

2. Accept no gracefully. Do not get angry or try to force them into coming. Say “maybe next time” and accept their no with grace.

3. Talk about church like you enjoy it. Talk about the Sunday sermon with your neighbor and how it impacted your life. Reclaim the joy of church and share that joy with others!

4. Share your faith in normal conversations. This is not forcing the gospel in conversations. This is talking about things in your everyday life that are impacted by your faith.

5. Show the support of your church. Share with others the things you do to support each other – taking meals to each other, elder and childcare, etc. This shows others that the church cares for one another!

6. Think outside the four walls. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve seen so many different ways to get people access to the church. Encourage others to tune in via your church’s Facebook or livestream for the sermon if they aren’t comfortable coming just yet. This will help them “get in the door” and eventually they may even join you!

7. Be open to other churches. We love Jesus across the denominations. Some people might be more comfortable in a different type of church than yours. Encourage them to go!

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