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How Can Psalm 23 Inspire My Self-Care?

There's a strange tension that exists, even for Christians, between sacrifice and self-care. Here's an interesting perspective from Psalm 23 on the source of our refueling.

5 Courageous Women from the Bible You May Have Forgotten

You may have forgotten these women of the Bible (or perhaps you’ve never heard of them before now), but putting yourself in their sandals will allow you to walk through the hardest days with the courage you need to lead, to love, to trust, and to turn to God in every situation.

How to Stop Quoting the Bible and Live it Instead

When you’ve learned to trust God in many areas, verses are more than ‘quotes’ to you. But they may not be as well-received by others until you’re willing to commit them to your life in practical ways.

Are Fallen Angels Truth from the Bible or Fiction?

Yes, fallen angels do exist (Luke 10:18) and may interfere in our lives (Ephesians 6:12) more often than we would imagine or consider in our everyday thinking. But not all that we hear about fallen angels in popular culture is necessarily true.

What Is a Parable and How Should We Read Them?

Sprinkled throughout the teachings of Jesus, we find tales of mustard seeds and swine, pearls and wineskins. Narratives of coins and stray sheep, buried treasure and banquets collect within the pages of our Bibles. These colorful parables evoke earthly images we can see to help communicate heavenly meanings that we cannot see. Put simply, a parable is a short story that conveys a greater truth.

What Is the Meaning and Purpose of the Epistles in the Bible?

We have these words of wisdom from our heavenly Father, preserved for eternity in the pages of the Holy Bible. Not only do we have the gospels and the Old Testament, but we also have 21 epistles filled with God-inspired instructions on how to do life as a Christian.

What Does the Bible Say about Emotions?

What does the Bible say about our emotions, primarily how best to handle those feelings we have in ways that are pleasing to God as well as to ourselves?

It is possible to manage these emotions God has gifted us in these bodies. But it is through understanding what emotions are and how we should act with that we are able to manage these unpredictable sensations properly.


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