Pastor Rick's Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

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Everyone needs hope.  Pastor Rick's Daily Hope shares a meaningful message from Scripture, practical and applicable, to encourage, equip and train people to fulfill God’s purposes for their life. Listen M-F for your daily hope!
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When Others Keep Setting You Back - Part One
We all have setbacks in life. It may be a setback related to finances, health, your career, or your relationships. In fact, you may be experiencing a setback right now and need to hear this series. Join Pastor Rick as he explains how God helped people in the Bible overcome the setbacks common to life. One of the most important leaders in the Bible is Joseph, who was sold into slavery yet overcame that setback by rising to a position of power and responsibility in Egypt. He kept encountering setback after setback. For instance, he was falsely accused of sexual assault and then was left forgotten in prison. How did he keep from being discouraged? One thing that kept Joseph going despite setbacks in his life was his absolute faith that God was with him, regardless of the circumstances. Join Pastor Rick as he teaches how to handle one setback after another.

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